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Costco Macallan deals & more

Postby AZmalt » Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:46 pm

Here in AZ there is a new Kirkland Macallan 17yr bottling. I did not purchase a bottle and was hoping to find others opinions. Sorry I forgot exact price but I think it was $65ish.

I'm sure, though, that the Macallan 15yr Fine Oak has a $10 coupon at the store. When you walk in they have a coupon book for many liquor options. Regular price is $72 and then take off the 10.

Also noteworthy is the Glenlivet 3-pack for $99. One 12yr, one 15yr FO, and one 18yr. Red painted wood gift box is ok.

I do not know if this is just a local Costco special or if it is elsewhere as well. It wouldn't hurt to check. Even if you're not thrilled about these commonplace single malts, they make for nice gifts at reasonable value.


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Re: Costco Macallan deals & more

Postby Alzarius » Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:42 am

Don't know if it's the best deal, but I thought it was pretty good considering the prices are quite a bit higher.

Macallan 12yo with the 50mL 18yo packaged together as a bonus $36. The 18yo miniature itself should be worth around $8-10, if you divide the 750mL price by 15.

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