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Re: Historical distillery images database

Postby corbuso » Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:04 am

C_I wrote:While I was looking for some information on Glenury Distillery ended up on this site:


Here I found some good quality pictures of Glenury Royal distillery that I have not seen before. And looking further I found a lot on other distilleries. When you do a search on "distillery" you really get a vast list of neat and interesting images of many distilleries.

A very small selection of items to be found:
- Closed/demolished distillery interiors like:Port Ellen, Ben Wyvis and Glenugie.
- Miltonduff construction and its Lomond still
- Renovation of Auchentoshan

It gives a very good view on the various distilleries from the past and contains very good quality pictures compared to the ones you usually see on general websites. But yes, I am aware that these images are copyrighted, which is a reason why they are not widespread.

Enjoy a nice tour in history, and do not get too melancholic.

It is a very nice site, unfortunately, the pictures are quite pricey. If you want 1 or 2, this is okay, but if you are intersted by more, watch out your wallet.

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Re: Historical distillery images database

Postby Spirit of Islay » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:13 pm

Hi C_I ,
http://www.scran.ac.uk/ is good place to look for old distillery photos , with my pet subject , Islay , the old Ardbeg / Port Ellen / LochIndaal searches Produce interesting results .

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