The Pleasure of Drinking Whisky is Like...?

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The Pleasure of Drinking Whisky is Like...?

Postby Wub » Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:27 pm

I've discovered (perhaps too late in life) that drinking a good whisky (or at least one that you particularly like) can give you a feeling of intense pleasure; a moment when your whole consciousness is directed towards the flavours and and aromas (and perhaps other physiological/psychological effects) that you are experiencing. I wouldn't call it orgasmic: I think a better word to describe it would be a "swoon".

Other experiences I'd compare it to:

Food: I rememeber having a particularly good pizza a few years ago (a "gourmet" pizza with fresh ingredients), which had me moaning with pleasure on each mouthful (I don't think my folks appreciated this because they didn't think theirs was very good).

Music: For me, especially with the works of Bach and Montiverdi, a particuar chord or note is struck. It's not the chord or note itself (in isolation they'd be rather boring), but the progression that leads up to it, culmiating in the chord or note...and that's when the pleasure hits. Sometimes I want to sing along (even if it's instrumental)...but all that comes out of my mouth is a screech.

Lust: For want of a better word; sometimes just the sight of a beautiful woman can make me swoon. Of course it's sexual, but just as obviously it's not orgasmic: it's a swoon.

No other alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) berverage has had this effect on me. It almost makes single malt scotch whisky worth the price.


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Re: The Pleasure of Drinking Whisky is Like...?

Postby steveblack » Tue Aug 04, 2009 9:59 pm

Ha Mark, and the pleasure of seeing such a moment put to words.. I would like to describe an ecstasy or swoon or whatever you call it, when I have it, but I struggle badly. You have nicely summed up the feeling.

I remember a day when I had cold and my nose was all blocked. I poured a dram of Laph QC and was drinking it neat. I enjoyed the feeling of the dram opening my nose and I still remember flavours engulf my sense and savoring every drop of the whisky. Suddenly lot of fond memories came rushing and I was feeling quite dizzy with happiness. It was not just the alcohol, but the whisky, its flavor and lot of other feel-good things that you normally don't give attention in a whisky.

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Re: The Pleasure of Drinking Whisky is Like...?

Postby Reggaeblues » Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:10 am

I'm wivya Wub!!

Whisky is just so ...evocative!

Definitely has the power to take me someplace else. like you say, totally enveloped in the flavours and the memories/images they evoke.

I say, as music is art for your ears and soul, as paintings are art for your eyes, as poetry is art for your intellect and sense of nostalgia, so whisky is art for your palette and toungue,with the power to unlock memory and open unexpected inner doorways...a meditation for your mouth!

then again, there are times when it's purely recreational/social...Bushmills over ice on a hot summmer evening and chatting to one's spouse, opr guests...

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Re: The Pleasure of Drinking Whisky is Like...?

Postby Liechtenstein » Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:55 am

Whisky is totally relaxing. Like...when I used to be much younger and really stressed out because of work, I'd go to the airport and take my plane and just go flying. Nowhere. Just for the heck of it. Maybe I'd turn it upside down, or buzz a farm...It made me happy!

Now I drink whisky. Johnnie Walker...Red! For Shitsake! my life has really gone downhill!

Time for another dram!

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