Islay Whisky Tasting - Newcastle 20/06/2008

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Islay Whisky Tasting - Newcastle 20/06/2008

Postby Spirit of Islay » Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:24 pm

I know this was last week but i thought i'd post a report of it incase anyone wondered about going to a similar one organised by Eddie of the Whiskylounge .

I didn't actually find out about this event until about 5 hours before it was due to happen but a quick phone call and a ticket was arranged . It was held in the upstairs of the Blackfriars Restaurant with just under twenty people attending . We had 6 whiskies for our £20 entrance fee (very reasonable i thought !) , they were given to us blind in no particular order , we had to try and work out what they were and for a bit of fun award them marks out of Ten . Eddie talked us through each one and answered any questions fielded .
The whiskies were (in the order tasted) .......
12yo Bunnahabhain O.B. 40%
1982 Berrys' Own Selection Caol Ila 46%
Queen of the Moorlands Rare Cask 1998 Laphroaig 55.3%
Lagavulin 12yo L.E. O.B. 56.5%
Port Charlotte PC6 O.B. 61.6%
Ardbeg Renaissance O.B. 55.9%
I actually had a bit of bother between the Laga and Ardie , they were very similar but in the end what swung me was the vibrance of the Ardie while the Lagas peat was a bit flat (if that's the word) on the finish . The Caol Ila was a bit of a strange one , got floral at first but a bit later the familiar CI Medicinal came through .the Laphroaig was very good and reminded me what Laphroaig used to be like , not the wishy washy stuff of today .
I think the Ardie just edged it on the night points wise .
Overall it was a very good night , met a few new whisky drinkers , Eddie was a very good host and it was nice having a good natter to him throughout the evening . I'll definitely be going to a few more as it looks like being a monthly event , there had been a one a month earlier (regional whiskies) and the next one (which i won't be able to get to...) is possibly a Scotland Vs Japan Tasting .
Well worth the money for both Seasoned Malties and Beginners IMHO !

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