Glengoyne - Cask Owners

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Glengoyne - Cask Owners

Postby Shaun6 » Thu Nov 22, 2007 1:10 pm

I have just become a cask owner at Glengoyne, and went to see the birth of my cask.

Glengoyne were offering a choice of various casks in term of size and previous contents, these included, barrel, hogshead or butt. Either, bourbon, sherry, malmsey or rum. Prices ranged from £1200 to £2400.

I went for a first fill sherry barrel at £1400.

They sold 40 casks and 10 of the owners went to the birth (including Whisky Magazines own Dominic), Glengoyne put on a fantastic event.

We all met up at a local hotel on Tuesday evening, where Val and Robbie from Glengoyne hosted drinks and dinner at the hotel. With the 17yo and the 21yo on the table.

A fantastic evening.

Then the following day we were picked and taken to Glengoyne, whisky and coffee on arrival, followed by the filling of our casks.

We all had to put the bungs in our own barrels.

Then a walk to the waterfall to toast the birth of our barrell, more 17yo, 21yo and a special cask strength that is only available to cask owners.

Quick tour of the distillary, followed by lunch and some more whisky.

As well as our own casks, we also received a cask owners jacket and a bottle of the cask owners special.

I think the best £1400 I have ever spent, and I would recommend to all.

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Re: Glengoyne - Cask Owners

Postby Claudiusdrusus » Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:50 am

Just Purchased a cask myself (and for my new baby daughter) and very excited about it! Will post after the event to see how well the standard has held up since 2007.

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