Limburg Fair

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Limburg Fair

Postby micheluzzo » Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:17 pm


last weekend was the limburg whisky-fair and like the years before it was exciting.
At no other fair you will find so many different independent bottlers and whiskies to taste.
Some long gone beauties from all over the world.
To be honest I don't know any other place where you could taste such a huge range from current japanese single cask bottlings, long gone italian classics, new fantastic bottlings from not very well known small independent bottlers and from the usual suspects, like Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, GlenRothes, MMD, G&M, Signatory, Cadenheads, and and and.

Whenever you are interested to taste a special whisky, which you can't find anywhere else - try it in Limburg.

Any example?:

Ardbeg, Kingsbury, 1967- 1996, two differnt casks, dark sherry
Ardbeg, W&M, 18years,
Benriach, High Spirits, 68-03, 50,4%
Benriach, cask sample, 1976, 52%
Caperdonich, DT, 68-06, 60 bottles, 42,5%
Caol Ila, 1966, GM, cask strength
Glen Grant, different square bottles with different age (5yrs, 10yrs. 25yrs. etc.)
Glenfarclas, 5yrs. bourbon cask, old OB
Glenugie, Sestante, cask strength,
Longmorn, 31yrs. Blackadder for USA.
Strathisla, 1937

Tormore, white label, old OB,
Yamazaki 1986, Malt Maniacs Gold Winner
Yoichi, 1991 (?), WhiskyFair bottling
and, and, and (Blends, Grains, ......)

You will also find a Scottish sparkling wine without alkohol. Great :-))

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