Signatory tasting in Phoenix, AZ

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Signatory tasting in Phoenix, AZ

Postby jhershauer » Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:00 am

Hey there, AZ malsters.

I've sent in my RSVP. Your turn...hope to see you there!

I had been checking out that 28 year Bunna at Total Wines before it disappeared. Glad to have a chance to taste it.


Magnums is proud to bring you the first whisky event of the year. This Tuesday, January 12th, starting at 7:30pm, we will taste through some of Scotland's finest whiskies. One of only three true independent bottlers, Signatory, founded in 1988, It has been a family owned and managed company. The Ambassador for this event will be Ed Kohl, he will take you through what makes Signatory so unique, and how their finished Scotch differs from the Distilleries that created the spirit.

We will taste:
86 Proof Series

Caperdonich "Oak Cask" 11yr 1996 (Highland)

Linkwood "Sherry Cask" 13yr 1995 (Highland)

Mortloch "Oak Cask" 16yr 1992 (Highland)

Un-Chill Filtered

Bunnahabahan "Refill Butt" 9yr 1997 (Islay)

McCallan "Oak Cask" 11yr 1997 (Highland)

Cask Strength

Bunnnahabahan "Sherry Cask" 28yr 1978 (Islay)

Highland Park "Oak Cask" 22yr 1986 (Orkney)

Laphroaig "Bourbon Cask" 17yr 1991 (Islay)

As Well As:

Hogs Head

Isle Of Sky

A great deal of these Scotches you will taste, Magnums has never carried or tasted. Many of these Scotches are of very limited quantities, and will be sold on a first come first serve basis, but we will be taking any pre-buys on requested bottles. The event is by RSVP only, seating will be limited, $10.00 per seat, and is non-refundable. Any questions contact us at (602) 493-8977.

P.S. The lounge will be closed to any one not attending the Scotch event from 7:00 pm to the end of the event.

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Re: Signatory tasting in Phoenix, AZ

Postby orangedogofglory » Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:32 pm

As of now I should be there. :iwbrnt: Look for the 6'8" guy - I doubt there will be many. :P

If anyone wants a sample of the following, just let me know:

Talisker 18
Signatory Mortlach 1991 15 Year (Vintage)
BenRiach 12
Balvenie 17 Madeira
Balvenie 17 Rum
Balvenie 17 New Oak
Caol Ila 18 (might be low on this)
Tullibardine 1993
Signatory Highland Park 1993 13 Year (UCF)
Bunnahabhain 18
Highland Park 18

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Re: Signatory tasting in Phoenix, AZ

Postby orangedogofglory » Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:47 am

So aside from the bait and switch (not sure who's fault... the host, Magnum's, or the guys running the event, Signatory), I thought it was a pretty decent event. Below are my notes - and I apologize up front for the shorthand.

Tully - sweeter than I remember, but mild
Strathmill - almost like grain whisky
Linkwood - kind of bland, mildly floral, almost like a non-peaty watered-down laga
MaCallan - SWEET. sugary, mild non-citrus fruits like apple
Skye - not as peaty as I would have expected, in fact almost no peat, slight pepper on the nose, oak finish, some smoke
Hogs Head - way more peat than the Skye - its actually noticeable! Still muted, little bit of pepper and lots of salt/brine
Bunny - salt on the nose, again on the palate with peat, if you let it sit on your tongue the finish is strong peat! Not laph strong but in that general direction
Laph - sweet off the nose! Sugary and fruity, surprisingly light on peat but VERY good! Finish has pepper, almost not just cracked pepper but dare I say mild jalapeno? Mild brine but not really strong. Added a dollop of water and it increased the sweetness on the palate - more cane than fruit. The winner of the night.

Other lessons:
5/2 - 5 percent evaporates the first year, 2 percent every year thereafter. For a 10 yo malt, about 25 percent.

The ucf's go to 92 proof b/c at 90 proof is where "clouding" starts

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