Whisky Face Off - Master Blender v Master Barman Video

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Whisky Face Off - Master Blender v Master Barman Video

Postby craig-mcgill » Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:26 pm

Last month, Whyte and Mackay and Isle of Jura sent their master blender Richard Paterson to the Isle of Jura and Colin Field, Head barman at The Ritz Paris and World's Greatest Barman to chat whiskies and settle that most important of debates: should whisky be taken traditionally or should it be all mixed up as part of cocktails.

Richard, as you would expect, was pushing for traditional drinking methods while Colin was all about showing how the whisky could be used for cocktails.

Did either man manage to change the other's opinion? Find out tonight.

The final video will be released tonight at 7pm UK time at http://www.isleofjura.com/richardandcolin while a trailer video (complete with suitably appropriate trailer music) and further text details can be found at http://en.brinkwire.com/216

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