Xmas Whiskies, Lancaster and Newcastle, Dec. 3rd and 12th

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Xmas Whiskies, Lancaster and Newcastle, Dec. 3rd and 12th

Postby The Whisky Lounge » Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:04 am

Hi All,

Might be an obvious title to some, but hey, I have to learn to embrace the festive season even if my retail days have taught me otherwise!

Both of the above tastings are of whiskies that to my mind have associated flavours with the season - sherry being the main one. I have simply assembled a rag-tag of drams that may be all Scottish or may include various other countries. The one thing you can be sure of is that they will be of exemplary quality and I am very excited about the line-up.
Due to it being a blind tasting I won't list the whiskies here but will reveal them after the Toon version so as not to put the spoilers out there! I would appreciate anyone coming to the Lancaster event not posting any info specific to the whiskies on here until after the Toon event!

Venue details...

Wednesday 3rd December, 7.30pm
The Sun Hotel
Church Street

Friday 12th December, 7.30pm
Blackfriars Restaurant (meeting rooms)
Friar Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Both tastings are £20 per person, which for the whiskies we are going to be tasting is an absolute bargain!

If you want more info please do not hesitate to contact me - eddie@thewhiskylounge.com or go to the website - http://www.thewhiskylounge.com - to book tickets. I look forward to seeing you a few of you there and sharing a dram or six!


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Re: Xmas Whiskies, Lancaster and Newcastle, Dec. 3rd and 12th

Postby Spirit of Islay » Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:24 pm

Looking Forward to it already Eddie !
Can't wait to see what the line up is.....
I would say to anyone who lives near Lancaster or Newcastle if you can get to these events do so , Eddies tastings have been a revelation this year as well as being really good value for money , that's why i voted them my Tastings of the year on my site !
Long may they continue to do so !

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Re: Xmas Whiskies, Lancaster and Newcastle, Dec. 3rd and 12th

Postby Spirit of Islay » Sat Dec 13, 2008 7:39 pm

Last Night i went to the Last Whisky Lounge tasting of the Year in Newcastle , this one was all what Eddie Considered to be Christmas Style Whisky..... and Whiskey as it turned out.....
There was a smaller crowd than normal and all the Whisky was tasted blind .
With there been a smaller crowd the patter was flying about between us a lot more so normal notes weren't taken on my part . I did manage to keep up my good record though on blind guessing ( see Feis Ile Whisky nosing Competition.....) and failed miserably !
The first dram was at 43% and a pale Amber in colour , i didn't get a lot out it just a sweetness on the nose and Dark Treacle on the palate . Can't remember what i guessed this one as but i was way off .
My Score was 7 , the Groups 7.7

2nd up was at 40% and again a pale amber in colour , got a lot more out of this one , Light Christmas Cake , dried Smoke and slight Smoke on the nose . It had a touch Fishermans friends on the palate . I thought it was a Glen Scotia . 7.5 / 8.3

The Third dram was again at 43% , this one was a polished Gold in colour .
I got some strange ones from this , Scented Candles / Perfume on the nose , Parma Violets , perfumey and pepper on the palate . The nose and palate made me think Bowmore straight away .
7.5 / 8.1

Fourth of the night was my least favourite of the night , pure Amber in colour and at 50% , the nose wasn't too bad , Creamy Toffee and Treacle but the palate..... Struck matches ! With water it was even more sulphury !!
I thought it was a Linkwood , close but no cigar !
6.5 / 7.2

The penultimate dram was the weirdest of the night , a lovely Mahogany colour and at 47.8% , The nose was pure Christmas cake , dried fruit , spices , cake mix . The palate was Spices , wood and Polish . A really nice dram that had me guessing Bunnahabhain on the Nose , Japanese (Yamazaki) on the palate , how wrong was I !
8 / 7.9

Last up was my Favourite of the night , at 43% and a light Mahogany in colour , the nose was Burnt ashes (the fire the day after it's went out , iodine and smoke . Pretty much the same on the palate but with sweet sherry .
I guessed at Lagavulin .
8.5 / 8.8

So what were they ?
I'll tell you tomorrow.....

Just kidding !
1) Hibiki 17yo Blend
2) Kilbeggan 15yo
3) Macallan 30yo Fine Oak
4) Benromach Origins Batch 1
5) Van Winkle Family Reserve 13yo Rye
6) Lagavulin Distilers Edition 1991

Must say i was very surprised at No.3 and No.5 , especially when i was told how much No.3 was ! No.5 is worth further investigation......

So No good at Identifying whisky then.....
Cheers Eddie for another good night and till the next one !

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