Rob's Glenrothes tasting notes

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Rob Allanson
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Rob's Glenrothes tasting notes

Postby Rob Allanson » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:06 pm

Dear All,

These are my tasting notes for the Glenrothes feature in WM72. We did not have enough space in the mag, and I thought you might want to read them.



The Glenrothes Extinct Vintage Tasting (31st Jan 08) Rob Allanson

(in red John's precisions on the type of oak)

1979/1994 25 per cent first fill sherry, American Oak (AO)

Nose: Light spices, dark fruit, a waft of a dunnage warehouse with a little peat fire. Delicate sherry notes
Palate: Liquorice. A big shot of oak spice but smooth with it.
Finish: Drys out nicely with spices
Comment: A very good place to start

1972/1996 60 per cent first fill sherry, Spanish Oak (SO)

Nose: Again a gentle, distant hint of smoke which develops into incense and mature oak spicyness
Palate: The oak comes through with bags of cream, raisins and spices
Finish: the spices linger
Comment: Smooth mouthfilling whisky to soothe the stresses of the day away

1982/1996 15 to 18 per cent first fill sherry (AO)

Nose: Delicate fruit with a little maltiness. Banana and a hint of menthol
Palate: A bitter edge with vanilla, popcorn, Mango and citrus fruit
Finish: Smooth and slightly drying
Comment: We are talking a conversation malt, open it and chill out

1984/1996 20 to 25 per cent Sherry first fill (AO)

Nose: Golden syrup, good sherry notes, custard and a hint of fennel. Cooked dark fruits as well
Palate: Balanced mix of those dark fruits, slight marmalade and wafts of vanilla
Finish: Dark chocolate, smooth and long lasting
Comment: One to savour before bedtime

1985/1997 25 to 30 per cent Sherry first fill (AO)

Nose: very aromatic nose with a hit of spice and cooked oranges
Palate: Full on sweetness with spice
Finish: Again sweet on the finish, quite long
Comment: A pleasant drinkable dram that would be best before dinner

1981/1998 30 to 35 per cent Sherry first fill (AO)

Nose: Leather, cream, hints of cinnamon. Floral and fruity
Palate: Layers of oak, cream, big spices. Very rich and full on but smooth. A touch of ripe dark fruit
Finish: Fades with a slight nutty bitter edge.
Comment: Like a conversation where someone does not want to reveal everything all at once

1971/1999 100 per cent Sherry First fill (AO)

Nose: Oak, leather, double cream and treacle toffee with bags of sherry and a slight muskiness
Palate: Liquorice, oak grip, spice notes with a hint of meat.
Finish: Dry finishing with a slight jammy note
Comment: If you like it big and sherried this is the one

1978/1999 40 per cent sherry first fill (mix SO and AO)

Nose: Nutty at first them opening into blackberries with a vanilla custard note coming through
Palate: Almost a temple spice coming though. The vanilla waves keep coming with a fruit compote edge
Finish: Long and spiced, very lush
Comment: A dram for those days spent outside. Like having a warm coat with you

1987/1999 35 to 40 per cent sherry first fill (AO)

Nose: Raisins, caramel and honeycomb. Hint of milk chocolate and nuts
Palate: Soft with barley sugar and dried fruits. Reminicent of a good fruit cake
Finish: Sweet, soft and very mellow
Comment: A pick-me-up dram if ever there was one. Best straight after work

1973/2000 Mix SO and AO (first fill and refill)

Nose: Aromatic and bold. Full of gum trees, eucalyptus. Like stepping off the plane in the Blue Mountains of Australia
Palate: Orange peel, sweet marmalade
Finish: Long, slightly drying with a hit of spice
Comment: Stunning, nothing more

1989/2000 Mix SO and AO (first fill and refill)

Nose: A winey note at first that opens more into a grapey grip. There is sherry, toffee and marmalade. Lots going on
Palate: A touch flinty but with a honeyed edge to it
Finish: Long and luscious
Comment: a corking whisky with plenty going on and loads to think about

1974/2003 Racked operation -reracked in sherry casks

Nose: Hints of coconut and herbs. Malty with a floral note. Very layered with vanilla and citrus
Palate: Lots of spice, like a marshmellow biscuit, fresh and buttery
Finish: A good length and full bodied
Comments: Another bottle to share with friends round a table after dinner

1992/2004 40 per cent sherry AO

Nose: Liquorice, sharp plums a hint of hot wet stones
Palate: Orange sherbert, big hits of sherry oak
Finish: a decent length finishing with spices
Comment: Another pick-me-up dram but for later in the evening

1991/2005 40 per cent sherry AO

Nose: White chocolate with a hint of blackberries and blueberries. A restrained sweetness as well
Palate: Fruit cake, almost ginger cake. A bit of coconut mixed with vanilla and all spice
Finish: Long and honeyed
Comment: A great whisky to kick back to some soothing music with. Relaxing.

1975/2006 Blended in 87 - married for 18 years.

Nose: Nutty, lemon sorbet, a cakey edge to it
Palate: Hazelnuts, Parkin, cooked oranges, a little mint, dark chocolate
Finish: Long and sweet with good sherry tones
Comment: A lovely whisky for the chillier days of the year, but not below freezing

1994/2006 40 per cent sherry (30 per cent AO, 10 per cent SO)

Nose: Burnt sugar, toffee, a light wash of marmalade, cooked fruits. Almost straight from the barrel keeping the dunnage smells
Palate: Follows the nose but with lemon notes
Finish: long, soft with fruit tones
Comment: One for a good session with lots of conversation, giving it time to talk

1978/2008 Reracked operation, married for two years

Nose: Ginget, cumin, mint, old oranges, a little like Turkish Delight
Palate: Treacle, more spice, a floral note similar to rose water
Finish: slightly drying with dried fruit
Comment: A well balanced hearty dram great as a winter warmer

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Re: Rob's Glenrothes tasting notes

Postby arkle » Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:30 pm

Hi Rob,
'Tis a shame that your tasting notes were not included in the magazine. I enjoyed comparing your differing opinions about the flavours in the whiskies and the way you both expressed them. Sometimes it is difficult to identify a flavour and reading one persons opinions is sometimes not helpful, but when there is another perspective it can help to paint a more detailed picture of what the whisky actually tasted like. ............. so next time leave out some of the illustrations in other articles to make room for 'the interesting bits' like comparative tasting notes. :)

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Re: Rob's Glenrothes tasting notes

Postby woodhill » Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:10 am


Like adverts for whisky barrel stacking systems - which even Leo doesn't need - and which invite you to a open day 2 months ago. :o

Although Rob, your notes are still always warmly received here anyway!

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