Not enough whisky reviews from Jacko and Broomoo

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Not enough whisky reviews from Jacko and Broomoo

Postby adogranonthepitch » Sun Apr 27, 2003 12:33 pm

Just a quick thing to the magazine....

I have learnt to trust and cheerish the marks out of 10 for new whiskies in your magazine.

The only thing is... there aren't enough whiskies tried.. can we have more ?

Also, why cant we have more editions for the year. I will gladdly pay for more editions. 7/8 weeks is toooooooooooooo long.

We love your magazine, we just want more !

yours in whisky


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Postby WestVanDave » Mon Jun 09, 2003 6:04 am

Just to add to acaninecanteredonthecourse's comments (sorry - couldn't resist) - might I suggest that these wonderful reviews/tasting notes would benefit from the addition of dates - to serve several purposes...1) to give an idea of the compar-ablility of the review to current stock on the shelves...and 2) to assist in somehow knowing if and when new (and possibly improved) notes have been added???

I have found a few examples where the same scotch has been reviewed more than once - and can't distinguish between the reviews - nor can I determine if the upgrade/downgrade in opinion is relevant to new/old versions of the scotch being judged - or an indication of the human element and other planetary influences at play.

Cheers, Dave.

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