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Whisky Mag (junk) mailing

Postby RufusA » Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:28 am

This morning to my delight I received 4 nearly identical invites to subscribe to Whisky Magazine for the great saving of um exactly the cover price (aka 19% off).

The first was on Paragraph Publishing (badly photo-copied) headed paper.

The second was on Whisky Magazine (badly photo-copied) headed paper.

The third and fourth was branded with Whisky Live headed paper (also badly photo-copied).

With each subsequent letter opened I could almost hear Rob doing an impression of Mrs Doyle saying "go on go on go on go on..."

Whilst I don't mind the odd mailing from Whisky Mag, 4 seems a little wasteful, and IMHO the quality of the faded grey letterhead gives an unecessarily poor impression of the professionalism of the magazine.

To be fair to PP, mailing lists are notoriously difficult to merge, and deduplicate, and each letter did have a subtly different version of my name.


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