One of the whisky bars recomended by Whsikymag has moved

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One of the whisky bars recomended by Whsikymag has moved

Postby kljostad » Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:38 pm


In an earlier issue this year, Whisky Magazine recomended a bar called Altona in Bergen Norway as a place well worth a visit, Well, there is bad news and there is good news.

The bad news is that Altona is no longer a whisky bar that is worth a visit. If you enjoy wine though, it is well worth a try.

The good news is that the owner of Altona has moved the whisky part of Altona to one of their other fascilities in Bergen. The place is called Terminus, and it is placed next to the local train station. I never got to try Altona, but the new place is really good. Their only focus is whiskey, and I would guess the have somewhere between 75 to 100 different single malts. I had a chat with the owner, and I got the impression that they are going to improve on that.

So if you are in Bergen, do yourself a favour and visit the place!

The atmosphere in the new bar is really good. It actually looks like a place where you could do nothing but drink whisky and smoke cigars (but smoking is not alowed in bars in Norway)

Di Blasi
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Postby Di Blasi » Sat Oct 21, 2006 3:33 am

Hey kljostad, thanks for the post, and it was nice meeting you and your friend last week, glad you visited! Actually, Altona, one of Whisky Magazine's recognized Great Whisky Bars of the World hasn't really moved, it's still where it is in Bergen. Let me explain a bit better. Altona has only shrunk it's selection of whisk(e)y, but still focuses on top quality products, mainly wine and Champagne, what it should be truly recognized for and it does better than anyone else in this city. You can still get a great whisk(e)y, but again, the selection has only shrunk. Knowledge and service is also superior at Altona.
As for the Grand Hotel Terminus's new whisk(e)y bar, owned by the same family owning Altona and the hotel you'll find it in, Augustin, yes, we have taken a step up in focusing and bringing a wider variety of whiskies, along with putting whisk(e)y in the limelight it deserves. We continue to get in new whiskies on an almost weekly basis, host monthly tastings, (private ones too, as booked!), and will suggest and serve whisk(e)y flights, in an atmosphere promoting sales, service, and knowledge of quality whisk(e)y from all over, whatever we can get our hands on. Our selection of approximately 80 whiskies, of which about 65 are single malts, will continue to grow, and we'll get new ones in asap, like the Ardbeg 1990 16y, we used in a tasting last week. Oh, and we'll host whisky dinners too, like our first one just tonight, with the Glengoyne distillery manager Robbie Hughes!! What a special night!
Yes, stop into the Terminus Whisky Bar, next door to the train station, say hello, and enjoy a nice whisk(e)y! And Altona is definitely worth your visit when in Bergen too.
Again kljostad, thanks for your visit, your kind words, and looking forward to seeing you again at the new Terminus Whisky Bar!!!

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