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New to the Bulletin Board

Postby StrongishNatural » Mon Dec 02, 2002 12:48 pm

Dear fellow whisky lovers ,

I have just joined the forum and thought I would post an interesting story.

Here I was in a country in the Southern Hemisphere, on work, and some of my mates at work took me out to the pubs. Now, being a whisky lover, I do not drink much beer. When eveone else ordered beer, I wanted a whisky and a malt at that. What fun my mates had! They said, nobody here drinks whisky, try one of our beers. So, I did, and did not like it as much as I like my whisky. Next day at the office, the word was around and they all had great fun that I did not like their beer. Next time, we hit the pubs, they would laugh and order a whisky for me. Sometimes, getting a whisky I liked proved to be difficult, but I survived!

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