Speyside festival May 2002

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Speyside festival May 2002

Postby BruceCrichton » Thu May 09, 2002 3:16 pm

Anyone been to this?

I have and it was great. I drank some Kininvie at 62% vol from the very first cask.

Norwegian connoisseur Per Lovlie surpassed himself with some fine selections and newcomers Royal Mile Whiskies uncovered a couple of rare gems. Compass Box whiskies displayed a fine knowledge of both grain and vatted malt whiskies.

John Fotheringham's display of contraband was excellent as well.

There were several contenders for some of the best whiskies ever tasted including Highland Park 18yr old and Bowmore Darkest which were in Per's 'final dram' section.

Fiona Murdoch then rounded off the festival by allowing us all to finish off her nearly empty bottles for the price of a donation to the whisky museum. This allowed me to taste some other great whiskies.

A fine time was had by all.

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