Rewritten Article in Issue 121

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Rewritten Article in Issue 121

Postby markmccall » Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:42 am

I opened my new Issue 121 today, not planning to read it front to back, but to just whet my appetite. I was surprised to find an article by Jim Leggett, The Club, The Stash, The Heist about Chicken Cock Whiskey. What was most surprising was that this article is a slightly re-edited version of an article from Issue 115, also by Jim Leggett, Disappearing chicken,, mostly same text and many of the same photographs. I must say that I am disappointed. There must be plenty of human interest information about USA Whiskey that the magazine should not have to resort to reprinting articles - especially when they did not even provide notice to the readers that the article was a reprint. :cry:

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