What would we like to see in the mag?

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What would we like to see in the mag?

Postby howarths » Sat Nov 03, 2001 6:07 pm

The board seems a bit quiet at the moment, maybe we're all getting cosy by the fire now that winter beckons? I know that I am looking forward to some evenings with my single malts!

In order to liven things up I thought I would try and get people talking about what they would like to see in the magazine. I've been reading it for a few years now and always find it a good enjoyable read, but I have questions about whisky which might be turned into articles in the right hands. So after you've read my short list of what might be nice to see in the mag', how about printing some of your own?

1. I always wondered what happens to the key people when a distillery is mothballed. Are their skills lost, how do they keep their "hand in" for when the distillery is re-opened? Is there a demand for those with special skills or can anyone "pick it up"?

2. How does one go about buying a cask of whisky for their own use, or indeed to bottle for commercial purposes (maybe not economical but it might be interesting to find out)

3. We know that the blended whisky market keeps malt whisky going and its been mentioned loads of times, but by how much? What are the likely consquences of a significant drop in blended sales?

Anyway that's enough from me how about anyone else?


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Postby Brigid » Mon Nov 05, 2001 1:04 pm


What a good idea. We look forward to more suggestions.


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