To sell or not to sell...

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To sell or not to sell...

Postby jezzap » Thu Sep 13, 2001 10:29 am

Falling out of this month's whisky magazine is a flyer offering me the chance to buy a barrel of newly distilled Bruichladdich. As a big fan of the Laddie, I'm very tempted.

Now, I understand all the add-on clauses about insurance, tax and all and I also understand that, should I go ahead, once I've decided to bottle, I'm going to have a fair number of cases.

Obviously, a mammoth private supply of Bruichladdich is a heavenly thought. But... should I want to part with any bottles, what are the regulations about selling them? What sort of license would I have to buy, or would I only be able to give them as gifts?

Can anyone help?

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Postby Deactivated Member » Mon Sep 17, 2001 11:45 am

Obvously the legislation varies from country to country, but it is likely that you must have a license if you're selling whisky on a retail basis

However, if you sell your bottles/barrel at an auction, then you'd have no problems in most countries

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