What about Springbank ?

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What about Springbank ?

Postby jeanmarcdanquigny » Thu Dec 07, 2000 1:39 pm

We are still waiting for a big article about Springbank, even if the location of the distillery does not allow nice pictures.
I guess the stillman is certainly one of the most interessant people to interview in whisky industry and it would be interesting to know why Springbank is one of the few whiskies that are still outstanding after 30 years ageing.

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Postby Deactivated Member » Thu Dec 07, 2000 1:52 pm


As we are working through the distilleries alphabetically and last issue we featured Aberlour I think it may be some time before we hit Springbank...

I am kidding of course. Springbank is of course on our list of distilleries to feature. It isn't the most aestheically pleasing distillery, that's true, but it's whisky does warrant coverage so watch this space!


David Stirk

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Postby Deactivated Member » Mon Dec 18, 2000 1:05 pm


Will you include Longrow in the article on Springbank ?


Martin Behre

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