Elapsed time before getting my copy

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Elapsed time before getting my copy

Postby chewse » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:09 pm

This may sound very selfish but I don't understand why it takes at least a month after the new issue of Whisky Magazine has been published on-line before the hardcopy arrives in my mailbox. I realize it is being shipped from the UK to the USA but the time lag seems excessive. :cry:

Rob Allanson
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Re: Elapsed time before getting my copy

Postby Rob Allanson » Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:55 pm

Hello there,
Yes we know it takes time for the physical mag to reach you guys, but it's all down to shipping to our mailing house in the States.
Sorry you have to wait, but glad you can bear with us.


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