Speyside Festival article misses mark

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Pipe and dram
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Speyside Festival article misses mark

Postby Pipe and dram » Fri Jul 16, 2004 4:29 pm

I anxiously waited for issue 40 (which finally arrived on July 15). The WM website indicated an article on the Speyside whisky festival, and having been to the festival before, I could not wait to read about it.

I rapidly scanned the magazine looking for the article, then had to go back to the index and found a brief article called “Glenlivin’ it up”. What Marcin had written was fine, but it appears that he attended only a few events (perhaps sponsored by Chivas Brothers? - Chivas is mentioned 6 times and Glenlivit 10 times in this short article).

But what about the Speyside whisky festival? The Speyside whisky festival is about the people of Dufftown who open up their homes and their hearts twice a year to whisky lovers from all over the world. The Speyside festival is about Fiona Murdoch, Ian Millar, Gordon Haughton, Anne and Laurie Higgins, Rene and Glo and dozens of other local volunteers who spend countless hours organizing a world class whisky festival. The festival is about dozens of organized events, run with military precision, many of which are only available during the festival, like distilleries who open their doors to the public only during these few days. The Speyside festival is about the seven stills tour!

Local whisky shops, retailers, restaurants, hotels, distilleries, really push the boat out to ensure that everyone is made welcome and has a special time. WM readers who were at the festival may be very surprised, and perhaps disappointed, that Dufftown was not even mentioned. The hard work and organization of the festival by the people of Dufftown is unparalleled. Every event was well planned, on time, and a joy to be part of. The Speyside whisky festival is a must for any whisky enthusiast and definitely ranks as one of the best whisky festivals in the world.

As a strong supporter of WM from issue one, I am becoming despondent. I am seeing a trend recently for this type of article. A lot of words with little substance, a lot of talk about sponsors and themselves, or their own events, but not a lot about whisky. Thank goodness Ian still makes regular contributions. I for one, think it is time to put whisky back into Whisky Magazine.

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Postby susywong » Fri Jul 23, 2004 10:11 am

I completely agree with you.

Fiona, Ian, GOrdon, Rene and everyone involved in the Speyside festival in DUfftown put their heart and soul into it to make sure that everyone has a fantastic time. What a dissapointment to read Marcin's review of what could only be described as the "Chivas Speyside Festival" where he completely ignored the majority of events and tastings!!

Hopefully WM can redeem themselves by sending a reporter to cover the Autumn festival in Dufftown which runs from the 24th till 27th September. If you go on to http://www.dufftown.co.uk you'll be able to see the program to see what's happening and to see what Marcin failed to discover in May!!

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Postby BruceCrichton » Fri Jul 23, 2004 3:25 pm

I noticed that.

Somebody didn't like the fact that I mentioned that WM had been only at Chivas events and fired a salvo at me.

Surely, if you go to the May festival, you have to mention Dufftown?


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Postby SpiritofShetland » Sun Aug 01, 2004 11:13 am

Have to agree with the preceeding postings.

Although I would like Mr Marcin to explain why he happened to just mention Chivas-events. Did it just happend to be so, or was it something more of a planned thing.

Would also have liked to see more about the Dufftown events and would encourage WM to pay a visit to the autumn-festival, and write a more balanced report from that one.

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