Suggestion for article - Annandale

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Suggestion for article - Annandale

Postby fwrightson » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:02 pm

I'd like to suggest that the Whisky Magazine do an article on the Annandale Distillery. I discovered the story of Annandale recently when looking at the different distilleries in the different regions. I had read that there were only three remaining Lowland distilleries but suddenly, a fourth (Annandale) pops up on someone's list. I Googled 'Annandale' and found a great story.

First opened in 1830, Annandale has been silent for some 90 years. David and Teresa Thomson have embarked on a hugh undertaking to restore and 're-awaken' Annandale. They even commissioned the archaeology department at the University of Glasgow to discover the original location (and remains) of the still room. The videos on the website are well worth the time to watch.

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