fake macallan

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Rudolph Hucker
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fake macallan

Postby Rudolph Hucker » Tue Mar 23, 2004 5:37 pm

:oops: On February 3, I posted a reply on this forum to what I considered to be the intemperate and ill-judged comments by the Editor of Whisky Magazine about some users of this forum.

I asked him, in view of the self-congratulatory - not to say smug -
nature of his column which contained the descriptions of < weird > and < bizarre > about some users of this forum, to justify his boasting of the way the magazine has improved under his regime by posting some comparative sales figures - actual paid sales, not copies printed, not copies distributed but copies actually paid for by subscribers or at the newsstand - from before he took over as editor and issue number 37.

What do we get? Silence. Just like the silence on this forum from The Macallan. Why? Does he, like the Macallan, think that those involved with this forum are beneath worrying about? Or does he, like The Macallan, have difficulty proving his claims?

And either way, does anyone really care anymore what the customer thinks?

Yours in sadness from one who remembers how it used to be.

Colin Willsher (aka Rudolph Hucker)

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Postby Iain » Wed Mar 24, 2004 11:36 am

I'm sure this is interesting to a lot of folks, but might be best to continue it by starting a thread in the "Whisky Magazine" section, rather than here in "Collector's Corner"?

It's hard enough already to keep up with the issues being raised re the "Fake Macallan" thread, without the introduction of issues re WM's circulation! :)


Postby Matt2 » Wed Mar 24, 2004 2:12 pm

Correct Iain, we really do want to try and keep the Macallan topic 'on-topic' and not to drift too far from the point.

Rudolph / Colin, the silence is because there is really very little to say on the topic. Dominic is very busy with the magazine, your comments have been read and noted. I don't think distribution numbers will be posted here (simply because it is probably alot of work to sort it all out)

I'm sorry you are feeling sad Colin :cry: .

We are ALL waiting to hear the results from Macallan, we can not force them to visit and post.

Matured cask
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Postby Lawrence » Thu Mar 25, 2004 6:21 am

Colin, the Macallan issue is one thing but really what is the point about the numbers of paid subsrciptions? I don't think WM readers give a tinkers d*mn about the numbers, they JUST WANT THEIR WM, to talk to their friends online and have a dram or two!

And besides WM does not run the Macallan even if the Macallan does advertise in WM.

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