Issues 33 & 35 - where are you???

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Issues 33 & 35 - where are you???

Postby WestVanDave » Fri Dec 19, 2003 6:50 am

I have been waiting (not too patiently :roll: ) for various issues to arrive in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have a standing order for at least 4 (and up to 6) copies of each issue from the one newsstand that makes an effort to bring it in. (The extra copies are for members of our West Coast Whisky Society.)

Issue 33 was a no show. :(

Issue 34 arrived as expected :D - approx. 7~8 weeks after the publication date :( .

Issue 35 was/still is a no show. :x Meanwhile I have been frequenting the website looking for Issue 35 to show up and it too was a no show on the website, even up to yesterday - then lo and behold when I checked in today - there was both Issue 35 AND Issue 36 - in skeleton form (i.e., no ability to read online. others than Marcin's editorial piece).

If it wasn't for my love of Scotch Whisky and my enjoyment of the magazine I would have given up long ago ... It's enough to convert me over to Canadian Rye (well, not really).

Any hopes of things improving on the distribution :? ???

Apologies for the RANT - but, hey: I AM Canadian... Dave.


Postby Matt2 » Sat Dec 20, 2003 1:40 pm

Hi Dave,

We all need to rant sometimes....

I can't comment on late delivery of issues, but I do know it is being discussed at WM, I would suggest email or PM Marcin or Kate to try and resolve the problem. I'm sure they will not be pleased to hear that distribution is letting them down.

As for the website, I know WM are a little concerned about publishing the magazine online before all the subscribers have got their issues. Doesn't seem fair to let everyone else read the issue before people paying for it have a chance to.

Hope you get your issues soon, and I will mention it to Marcin when I next see him.


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Postby WestVanDave » Sat Dec 20, 2003 6:29 pm

Thanks Matt... Issue 35 just arrived at my local store :D - and I heard from my friend Lawrence in Victoria, B.C. that his copy of issue 36 arrived this week (his subscription is by regular post)... so I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Marcin was very helpful when I sent him an e-mail sometime ago - a slightly different rant about the pricing of the subscription - so I will follow up with him soon.

All the best for the holidays, cheers, Dave.

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